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Covenant Artists Making Music During a Pandemic.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Music of the Covenant artists Gobbana and TooKnow have been busy creating, inventing, and innovating through this time of COVID. Early 2021 has been a particularly busy time in the lives of these musicians. Hip-hop/rap artist, Gobbana, just released new music for your playlists on the 22nd of February- five songs from the EP “Confidential.” Staying true to his pledge to rap and sing about real-life circumstances, “My First” is a hit in the making with its lyrics talking about the ups, downs, highs, and lows of first love. Also new in Gobbana’s growing visual archive is a music video for “Feen.,” a song about drug abuse he released last year. As soon as he releases one project, he’s already brainstorming the next with a music video for “My First” in the works.

Rap and R&B trio, TooKnow, released their EP “Recognize” on March 5. “Walk Through Fire,” a standout song from the project, features memorable harmonies, a rap bridge and inspiring lyrics about overcoming the many obstacles that life brings. TooKnow has a music video on the way for “Walk Through Fire” and the MOTC team is busy shooting and editing it right now. They hope to release it sometime within the next few weeks. Like Gobanna, they keep themselves busy in the studio. They’re always busy writing and recording songs they can’t wait to share with fans in the near future.

Both artists and their teams have been working hard to promote their music even with the absence of live shows through Instagram, Tiktok, podcasts and YouTube channels. There are whispers of a potential live streamed concert for both of the artists, but of course, nothing replaces the thrill of a live show. Gobbana and TooKnow can’t wait to get back on the horse as soon as festivals and concert venues resume normal post-COVID life. Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that we might see live shows as soon as August of this year! Gobanna and TooKnow have given us plenty of new music for our playlists while we wait for summer and see what the talented artists of Music of the Covenant have in store for us next!

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