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MOTC Artists at the Keep Believing Festival

If all good things must come to an end, let them end with a bang. The end of an era was celebrated on July 2nd with not just any bang, but with a show of spectacular metaphorical fireworks!

That show was called ‘The Keep Believing Festival.’

The Keep Believing Festival was held in honor of GoBelieve’s staunchest supporters: Jasmine Fields and the Trolley Car Cafe, as well as GoBelieve’s own Emily-Rachel. GoBelieve has always been grateful to Jasmine and the TCC for providing venue space and catering their events whenever possible. Jasmine has dedicated her career to serving the community—whether that be by supporting the local arts and business or providing the public with excellent food. Energetic and personable, Jasmine’s efforts helped make East Falls a happier place. To GoBelieve, Jasmine wasn’t only a sponsor but a dear friend. When it was announced that the Trolley Car Café would be shutting down and Jasmine would be moving on to another state soon, GoBelieve knew it was time to say goodbye to these integral pillars of the community. However, we decided to say farewell in the best way possible.

Drinks, snacks, music, raffles, and games; all the elements a party needs to warrant the phrase ‘thank god, it’s Friday.’ The Keep Believing Festival was hosted just across from the Trolley Car Cafe. The atmosphere was especially nostalgic as this would be the last time GoBelieve was hosting an event there. It was of utmost importance to make the occasion spectacular for everyone. For the kids, there were places to play fun games at the Kiddie Corner and the Arcade Center, where they could search for hidden treasure or compete to burst balloons. For the adults, there was bottle service, concessions, raffles, and prizes.

“It was a blast!,” said Cameron Mitchell, a staff member operating the Balloon Burst game, but the real highlight of the evening was about to begin. Performances by Gobbana, TooKnow, and Josh Ketchum, made up the main event of the festival. The Festival included two new performers: Hugh Hinton and Brian Golden, two interns with a passion for music.

“It was awesome to perform alongside Gobana and all the other performers at the festival,” said Hinton, “They’re very talented and I’m interested in their future projects!”

The musicians’ electrifying performance had the audience jumping out of their seats.

While many East Falls residents can agree that it’s sad to see the Trolley Car Cafe go, the Keep Believing Festival was a great send-off for a great establishment.

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