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Music During a Pandemic

Music like many other things during COVID have been put on hold. Although that concert you were looking forward to this year might not happen, there are still ways for you to enjoy their favorite artist from home. Tuning into the radio for one. Listening to the same frequency, with a chatty host has seen a recent spike, being that participation and inclusion are what the audience enjoys. Live streaming concerts and terrestrial radio are the closest the audience can get to participating (singing along, dancing) and being close to the artist.

Normal ways of promoting or pushing out music such as live concerts, tours, making music videos etc. have not been an option for most artists. What used to be done in person is now done at home. Getting with your team to work on the music, whether it be going over the lyrics, working on the beat or editing the music, for the most part is now done via zoom. Before COVID, many artists already used social media as a platform to promote their music, but it wasn’t their only option. Now that social media has become one of the more reliable options for artists, they are finding ways to use these platforms to their advantage.

Music of the Covenant, an independent record label located in the heart of Philadelphia, has still continued to work with their artist during the pandemic. During this time, complications took place for Rap and R&B trio, TooKnow and artist Gobanna. Marketing was limited due to losing the in-person interaction. Entertaining an audience where they were able to sell person-to-person tickets and filling a venue where numbers of people barely mattered, has been stripped away. With ticket sales being limited, performing for a crowd of 50 rather than a crowd of hundreds, hinders the ability for the number of people that will hear their music, yet stripping away another chance for their music to be fully effect through a large crowd. While challenges may have occurred, the stop of releasing new music for their artists has yet to happen. Sending emails out to podcasts, youtube channels, blogs etc.. has provided ways for Music of the Covenant artist’s music to still be heard.

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