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Guest Performers

Recently, at our Keep Believing Festival, artists Goldmine, Hue Hinton and Josh Ketchum were given the opportunity to perform alongside Gobanna and TooKnow. 


Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Goldmine is a rapper and producer. With a brand new EP under his belt; Precious Metals, Goldmine looks to expand and improve over time and continue to innovate in his music. 

Josh Ketchum
Josh Ketchum.png
Hue Hinton

Hue Hinton is a 20 year old artist and producer based out of Philadelphia, PA. His music collides an upbeat, pop/hip-hop sound with a melancholy, indie mood . Melodic and peaceful, his music has a strong emotional touch to it. 

Josh Ketchum is a 22 year old musician from Rochester, NY. On his own he performs a folk rock style of music with emotionally charged verses but as the lead singer of “Cyborg Village” him and his band add a more modern rock to a classic grunge sound.